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12-06-2016 FAA Issues 787 AD
The FAA is issuing an airworthiness directive requiring urgent attention by operators of 787s to avoid the possibility that all three computer modules that manage the jet's flight-control surfaces could briefly stop working in flight.  Operators must periodically shut and restart the electrical power on the planes, or the power to the three flight control modules.  That will avoid the problem until Boeing has a permanent software fix. (Originally posted on 06-12-2016)
12-05-2016 FAA Issues Safety Alert for Helicopter Preflight Operations
An FAA review of helicopter incidents and accidents over the past five years has identified several accidents in which loss of control (LOC) was encountered immediately after liftoff while light on the skids/gear, or from other issues caused by missed checklist items.
12-02-2016 FAA Should Not Relax Rules For First Officers
by Captain Dan Carey:  As a longtime American Airlines captain, I’ve been paired with hundreds of first officers. Whether the pilot sitting to my right is a stranger or someone I’ve flown with dozens of times, we always work together as a team. Our goal on each flight is to get our passengers to their destination safely, so I have to be confident in my first officer’s abilities, training, and experience.
12-01-2016 FAA Orders Boeing 787 Safety Fix: Reboot Power Once In A While
The FAA is mandating that operators of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner periodically reset the power on the airplane to avoid a glitch that could cause all three computer modules that manage the jet’s flight control surfaces to briefly stop working while in flight.
12-01-2016 New Report Sheds Light on Regulatory Preemption at the Federal Aviation Administration
When companies make and sell defective products, people often get hurt, and when this happens in industries like aircraft manufacturing, the results can be harrowing – and deadly.
11-24-2016 FAA Releases Safety Alert for D-Ring Reversal
After D-ring reversal contributed directly to several fatal accidents, the FAA released a Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) on the possibility of D-ring reversal or dynamic rollout during winching and longline operations.

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