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03-30-2017 FAA Ready For Next Step In Simplifying Certification
The FAA is about to take the next step in its evolving policy changes that make it easier for manufacturers to bring lower-cost safety-enhancing equipment from the experimental world into certified Part 23 airplanes.
03-16-2017 Plan to privatize 30,000 FAA workers gains momentum, but is it enough?
The move to privatize more than 30,000 Federal Aviation Administration workers who direct airplanes in flight and are responsible for a $35.8 billion modernization program continued to gather momentum this week with support from an influential transportation think tank.
03-16-2017 White House endorses plan to remove 30,000 FAA workers from federal payroll
President Donald Trump's support for a plan to lop more than 30,000 Federal Aviation Administration workers from the federal payroll gives fresh momentum to an effort that stalled in Congress last year.
03-15-2017 New Report Shows Aviation Maintenance with Positive Balance of Trade, Growth Prospects Over Next Decade
Aviation maintenance, an often overlooked but vital segment of the aviation industry, is not only a major employer nationwide making a substantial impact on the U.S. economy; it has achieved a positive balance of trade, a new report finds.
03-08-2017 ARSA, Industry Partners Get 90 Additional Days to Comment on Form 8130 AC
On Feb. 27, an ARSA-led coalition of industry partners asked the FAA to extend the comment period on Draft Advisory Circular 43-ARTS, “Use of FAA Form 8130-3 for Approval to Return to Service Under Part 43.” The agency summarily accepted the request, providing an additional 90 days; comments are now due on June 12.
02-28-2017 ADS-B Installs Still Lag as MRO Availability Tightens
More than 30,000 aircraft are now equipped for ADS-B, but the pace of equipage is still well behind what is necessary to meet the requirements and raises concerns that a number of operators will not be able to fly in controlled airspace on Jan. 1, 2020, industry leaders said.
02-22-2017 Industry Asks FAA To Clear Up Drug-testing Confusion
A group of aviation organizations and businesses are asking the U.S. FAA to clarify the applicability of drug and alcohol testing requirements to workers who are involved in receiving items for stock. Sixteen organizations wrote the FAA on February 15 for a legal interpretation after reports surfaced that some FAA auditors viewed receiving responsibilities as safety-sensitive functions and thus covered under drug and alcohol testing requirements.
02-13-2017 Falsified papers, sloppy work led FAA to fine Boeing
Though Boeing paid $12 million in late 2015 to settle more than a dozen Federal Aviation Administration investigations, details of the problems found by the safety agency were not disclosed at the time.

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