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01-20-2017 FAA, Industry Modernizing Airframe And Powerplant Test Standards
A working group made up of FAA and industry representatives is developing integrated standards that will guide the creation and maintenance of the written, oral and practical aircraft mechanic test. Once completed, the airman certification standards (ACS) will replace current practical test standards (PTS) and clearly dictate the knowledge, risk management and skills required of an FAA-certificated mechanic.
01-15-2017 FAA Issues Emergency Airworthiness Directive For S-92 Helicopters
Sikorsky S-92 helicopters must now undergo inspections every 10 hours under the terms of a new emergency airworthiness directive (AD) issued by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The FAA issued the emergency AD on Jan. 13, calling for immediate inspections of all S-92 tail rotor pitch change shaft (TRPCS) assemblies, followed by repetitive borescope inspections at intervals not to exceed 10 hours time in service.
01-10-2017 FAA Adopts Third-Class Medical Reform Rule
New FAR Part 68, known as BasicMed, goes into effect on May 1, 2017.  Pilots operating under Part 91 who have held an FAA medical certificate within the past 10 years will soon have an alternative, voluntary means to certify they are healthy enough to fly, the agency announced today.
12-19-2016 FAA Issues Final Part 23 Rule, GA Groups Approve
The Final Part 23 Rule will take effect eight months after publication in the Federal Register.  The FAA has issued their final Part 23 rule that overhauls the airworthiness standards for small general aviation airplanes.  According to the agency, the final rule will both reduce the time it takes to bring safety enhancing technologies to market, and reduce costs for the aviation industry.
12-06-2016 FAA Issues 787 AD
The FAA is issuing an airworthiness directive requiring urgent attention by operators of 787s to avoid the possibility that all three computer modules that manage the jet's flight-control surfaces could briefly stop working in flight.  Operators must periodically shut and restart the electrical power on the planes, or the power to the three flight control modules.  That will avoid the problem until Boeing has a permanent software fix. (Originally posted on 06-12-2016)
12-05-2016 FAA Issues Safety Alert for Helicopter Preflight Operations
An FAA review of helicopter incidents and accidents over the past five years has identified several accidents in which loss of control (LOC) was encountered immediately after liftoff while light on the skids/gear, or from other issues caused by missed checklist items.

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